Our Scholarship

Community Scholarship

In our second year, 2013-14, Toddlers on the Hill launched its first-ever scholarship drive to benefit a lower income family. Thanks to the efforts of many of our parents and the support of community members and businesses, we were able to offer that first scholarship in 2014-15, and have increased that scholarship commitment each year since.

Our growing community scholarship would not be possible without the generous support ToTH has received, year after year, from the Capitol Hill Community Foundation. Our scholarship drive and recruitment effort is led by ToTH families who generously volunteer their time to help make the scholarship a reality each year. We’re especially grateful to ToTH Alum parents Steve Leroy and Libby Quaid, who have donated their time, energy — and all the proceeds — year after year for  Music Together classes to benefit the scholarship. (you can find their regular classes at: http://mistermikesmusic.com/).

Apply for 2017-18 scholarship. In 2017-18, ToTH is offering 4 days a week to a qualifying family. To apply, download our application here and submit it by April 15, 2017.

Partner with us to give a scholarship! Toddlers on the Hill invites you to partner with the community on Capitol Hill and beyond to build a scholarship fund for children who would not otherwise be able to experience this incredible early childhood environment. If you, your business, or your family would like to make a contribution to ToTH’s scholarship fund, please visit our crowdfunding project site.  For questions please, contact Joy Wilder, at joy@toddlersonthehill.org.


2016-17 Scholarship

ToTH was thrilled to welcome two new children into our program in 2016-17. Check back here soon for pictures with our 2016-17 recipients!

2015-2016 Scholarship

Mirra and Natalie working together croppedWe are excited to announce that asof March 16th, 2015, we not only met but exceeded our goal for the 2015-16 Toddlers on the Hill Early Learning Scholarship to benefit a local lower income family, by raising over $3,300 in individual contributions (way past our goal of $1,850 by April 2015), and $5,000 altogether! Thanks to your generous contributions, we can now double our commitment to a family that might otherwise not have this wonderful opportunity.  Our shared success means we can offer our scholarship recipient two mornings a week instead of one, and, the remaining funds will serve as seed money for another child to enter the program either in 2015-16 or in 2016-17.

Special thanks go to the Capitol Hill Community Foundation for giving us our head start this year with a grant award in the fall of 2014. We also want to give a big thank-you to the talented Steve Leroy and Libby Quaid (current and former ToTH parents), who offered three Music Together classes for the community and contributed all fees to the scholarship, and also a huge thank-you to the amazing Kadesha Bonds, who brought our school to life on camera. We’re also so grateful to committed supporters like Meridith and Chip Moldenhauer, and to everyone who took time out of their busy days to learn about our mission and to contribute. Thank you! And, certainly, this would not have been possible without all of our parents, current and former, who know better than anyone what a difference the ToTH Montessori experience can make for a young child. We are so grateful to all of the parents who worked their hearts out last year to fund the first scholarship, and this year, so many again helped get us to – and beyond – our finish line.

View “Our Scholarship” – directed and edited by Kadesha Bonds

View “Our Story” – directed and edited by Kadesha Bonds


2014-2015 Scholarship

Toddlers on the Hill is pleased to welcome 2014-2015 scholarship recipient Kamirra Coleman to our program! Kamirra is loving her time at ToTH. Thank you to all who made her attendance possible this year.

This scholarship would not have been possible without the dedicated efforts of our 2013-2014 families, several of whom spearheaded an ambitious fundraising effort. We would also like to thank the community members who supported our February 2014 Family Day and Benefit, including The Singing Lizard, and Steve Leroy and Libby Quaid, parents of ToTH alumni, all of whom performed at our benefit and kept everyone entertained. Special thanks go to community businesses that generously donated to the effort, including:

&pizzaH Street Coffee
The ArgonautHeather Block Acupuncture
Bravado SalonThe Liberty
Capitol Hill YogaLittle Loft
Curbside CafePlanet Wildlife
Dangerously Delicious PiesSticky Rice
Downey Educational ConsultingThe Sweet Lobby

DSC06703Here, Mirra is seen working with the knob cylinders. This work increases concentration, expands problem solving skills, and develops the pincer grasp.This is very important for holding a pencil!

Mirra also enjoys working on matching pictures and objects with our language box (not pictured). The language box increases vocabulary and strengthens neurological pathways by linking physical objects (concrete) with pictures and words (abstract).

We are so grateful to everyone who made Mirra’s work at ToTH this year a reality!